ProForm Power 995c Treadmill

The Pros-

  • You would not have any problems in assembling the product.
  • The design is also fairly simple so you would not have any issues in assembly of this product.

The Cons-

  • This treadmill is a very heavy machine.
  • It cannot be folded vertically as many of the advertisements show.
  • The machine can get squeaky and noisy after some usage.
  • Therefore, you have to be very careful in usage.

Review from an actual buyer:

This is best treadmill you can pick up, in my humble opinion. I had suffered some serious damage to my left leg, and had to build up the muscles again – as well as recently being a smoker who had to quit. I had to work on my cardio, so I thought the best way was a treadmill. After doing some research, I was told by a gym instructor to go for the ProForm Power 995c Treadmill. It was fairly easy to assemble between me and my dad, probably about three hours. It has no bounce when you are using it, it’s very quiet, and can handle my friend who is at least 240 with no problems at all. Great sound quality too, easy connection to audio players, and has been well worth my money! Highly recommended here.


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