Fitness Software (Video games don’t always make you Sit Still, you Know)

Once winter begins to slip away, it’s barely 3 months before someone or the other drags you off to the beach and you have to get into that swimsuit. Maybe you’ve been a little serious about your New Year’s resolution this year and you can give yourself some credit for losing a bit of weight. That’s hardly enough for a bathing suit though. What can you do for a fun way to get yourself into shape for some sun, sand and a swimsuit? Perhaps this year, you should try something entirely different – such as, say, fitness software. In the form of video games that get you moving. Fitness Programs for Weight Loss come in lots of software formats.

As luck would have it, this happens to be a particularly well-endowed year as far as fitness software goes. You have a wealth of titles for the Kinect-enabled Xbox 360, for the Move-enabled PlayStation 3, and the Wii as well.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be any exaggeration to say that the gym isn’t the only reasonable way there is now of losing weight. These fitness software titles give you high-powered workouts for muscles you didn’t even know existed; and they can give you reasonable cardio routines too. Let’s see how these titles do.

Let’s start with a fun one – the Zumba Fitness module for all three consoles. Perhaps, to call it a fitness module doesn’t do it justice. Zumba, as you probably know, is a brand that’s completely associated with fitness through Latin dancing. The title comes with nine dance styles. There is the Rumba, the Flamenco, Calypso, Merengue, as well as hip-hop; if you get bored with this fitness routine that sets the dance floor on fire, perhaps you really hate exercise. If you’ve taken a few Latin dance classes, you can quickly get with the program. If you haven’t ever done that but you’re eager, they have a bunch of tutorials to help you get all caught up. While this fitness module may not be about making you stronger, it certainly is all about making you fitter. And happier, and dancier.

Staying with the entertainment theme, Get Fit with Mel B is a great cardio and strength training program. You do remember Mel B, Scary Spice of the Spice Girls, right? The program doesn’t just walk you through a few moves and drop you. It’s a whole fitness program they’re trying to give you here. You get a tailor-made diet that takes your tastes in food and your body type into account too. As you do your exercises, the program is able to sense the way you are carrying yourself, and it gives you guidance and feedback.

Fit in Six has to be one of the best fitness software titles in the world. If you’ve finished messing about with the other titles and you’re ready for a real workout, this is the title for you. It’s demanding, challenging and it’s fun – since it lets you work out to your own music. There are segments that you can use for different kinds of training – core strength, upper and lower body, flexibility and so on. The instructions are a delight to hear and instructor onscreen performs in a way that you can truly understand.


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