Livestrong Fitness LS10.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer

The Pros-

  • The assembly is easy and there are many adjustable workout modes. Moreover, you get an area to keep you tablet in place.
  • The machine would not make noise as well.

The Cons-

  • The handles are shorter and if you are tall, you might be uncomfortable while using it.
  • Therefore, it is not a great option for taller people to workout for long as the handles have to be placed in a very awkward situation.


Review from an actual buyer:

After my previous purchase of a machine, I was a little worried that I did not have an idea of what I was looking for. I spoke to an old friend who runs a gym and he waxed lyrical about the Livestrong Fitness LS10.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer which, if I can say, is the best thing I have bought in quite some time. I am a fitness freak and needed a new Elliptical as my old one broke very quickly. This took a few hours to put together and ever since has been very popular with the family since. Can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the product, would sell it myself if I could do a sales pitch to save myself!



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