New Kettlebell Exercises for Women – Must Know These

Kettlebell training for women made easy and simpleThis article is the revised version of our old kettlebell training for women article series. As part of the updated kettlebell fitness program on this website, you are in for a big treat. The following exercises can not only be performed by novice kettlebell enthusiasts, but they are also great for advanced level individuals.

Nonetheless, you need to start enjoying your kettlebell training sessions. No matter how good any kettlebell training for women is, you will eventually give up if you are not putting yourself ahead of the workout and not taking much interest in it.

Before doing these kettlebell training for women exercises, don’t forget to warm up for 10 minutes.

  • Turkish Get Ups:

Hold a medium weight kettlebell in either one of your hands, while lying down on the exercise mat. The arm holding the kettlebell should be extended over the shoulder and raised all the way above your head. While looking at the kettlebell, raise up onto your left elbow and bend your right knee. This will work out your shoulder muscles.


  • Kettlebell Swings:

Kettlebell swings are mostly shown in different kettlebell training videos for men and women. They are available online. To perform this exercise, start with your feet spread shoulder width apart. Now hold a heavy kettlebell with both hands and bend down in sitting position. While you are going to stand up, swing the kettlebell out of your legs, rowing it all the way in line of your face.


For more kettlebell training for women, keep visiting this website. Also join online exercise forums and share your goals with other people. This will keep you motivated and dedicated altogether. Discuss your kettlebell training ideas with online members your favorite website. There’s always a room for improving and giving a nice shock to your body. 



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