Creative Weight Loss Exercises for Women

This won’t surprise you – the best exercise to lose weight fast is…. drum-roll please….you guessed it….aerobic exercise. Burn more calories than you take in and the weight will come off. But this doesn’t mean hours on a treadmill staring at the wall. Sex for instance, have you ever considered it a cardio workout?sexy fun

Sex is a great way to lose weight. I’m not kidding. And what a great way to include your partner in your weight loss pursuit. You will be doing good work toward being fit and healthy and boost your romance as a bonus.

Add small movements to your work day. Straightforward things such as swinging your legs, rocking backward and forward, even just little household projects during the week are easy ways to incorporate little, but effective, movements. Researchers have found people that are fidgety and frequently moving are more inclined to be slender.

fun with exerciseWhen creating your workout program, include at least twice weekly resistance training. Remember that muscles improve metabolism and help you burn fat, so the more muscles you may have on your body, the more calories you are able to eat with out getting body fat. BUT adding ‘strength-training’ doesn’t have to be boring – find a few exercise videos that you want to try. Mix it up. Keep your body guessing. That goes for cardio too – try salsa dancing, even dirty dancing dvds. Make your workout fun!

Remember being a kid. Skip once in a while when you on a walk with your partner or your dog; see a park, why not try the monkey bars?; watching TV, why not strap on your sports bra first and then do little bursts of plyometric jumps or jumping jacks every 15 minutes or so. Remember when those things just came naturally? Why can’t they still be fun?

Most importantly, be consistent. Keep it up! And you’ll find that the best exercise to lose weight fast is just plain having FUN!


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