Reebok ZigTech 910 Treadmill

The Pros-

  • It has a 7 inch display screen and the fan is also great.
  • You can store your laptops and magazines easily.
  • It also comes with a shock absorber and would also make it easier workout for longer.

The Cons-

  • The treadmill is very heavy and is also a little hard to assemble.
  • The stride is longer so if you are short, you might have to move a bit farther to access the controls.

Review from an actual buyer:

We were looking to buy a treadmill as a gift for a friend who had recently recovered from a serious knee problem. This piece of kit is designed to easily handle anyone, of any weight. It has some great software too, with a variety of workouts available – it’s great for amateurs. My friend runs a Gym, and we have recommended that he picks it up for newcomers. It took us only an hour to set it up, which was really good, and was easy enough for two to lift into the home. Ideal for anybody who is looking, we can endorse the Reebok ZigTech 910 Treadmill for sure!


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